I’ve appeared in national and local TV spots including The Today Show and Arise & Shine; hosted interviews with notable food personalities including Anthony Bourdain, Jay Rayner, Bobby Flay, Daniel Boulud, Tom Colicchio, Richard Blais, Aarón Sánchez, Ford Fry; and wrote and hosted The Daily Meal’s food news broadcast, The Daily Dish.



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The Daily Dish 11.2.15: Australian accents are the result of booze, Bourdain says president Trump is the end of restaurants, and Chips Ahoy! launches a new cookie.

The Daily Dish 10.27.15: Buttered sushi, psychedelic cotton candy, and Starbucks’ Frappula Frappuccino!

The Daily Dish 9.22.15: Recent Monsanto news, the truth behind cocktails and calories, and a purr-fect new way to enjoy your eggs.

The Daily Dish 9.14.15: Pizzeria does Pope Francis pie, Obama eats salmon with Bear Grylls, and the newest diet in Hong Kong: “sun-eating.”

The Daily Dish 9.11.15: Iron Chef Morimoto opens first ramen shop, a new Jean-Georges restaurant, David Chang opens Fuku+ in Midtown Manhattan, Batali & Bastianich’s new spot, Paula Deen’s healthy cookbook, and Apple users to get burrito and taco emojis.

The Daily Dish 9.10.15: Salted caramel is the new pumpkin spice, the return of Surge soda, McDonald’s to go cage-free, Oregon gets In-N-Out, New York City’s Murray’s to toast bagels (oy vey!).

The Daily Dish 8.18.15: Fat-infused water, powdered alcohol, a Trump sandwich, Ben & Jerry’s endorses Bernie Sanders, and a French cow escapes the slaughterhouse.