Fodor’s New York City 2012

Reported on new hotels, dining and cultural destinations for New York City neighborhoods including Lower Manhattan, the East Village, Lower East Side, SoHo, NoLita, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, the West Village, and Chelsea.

The Rough Guide to South America on a Budget

Penned introduction, and wrote, researched, and traveled to South America to write the 2009 edition’s chapters on the Guianas (Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana) and Brazil (Brasília, São Paulo, Salvador, Fortaleza, and Olinda).




DINING: Contributed Reporting
Genre-Bending Hangout Takes Its Final Bows 5/21/08
CRITIC’S NOTEBOOK: Oh, My: Now That Was Italian 05/03/2006

A Leap of Faith Produces a Do-It-Yourself First Album 07/31/2004

OFFICE OF THE PUBLIC EDITOR: Research and Honorable Mention
THE PUBLIC EDITOR; 13 Things I Meant to Write About but Never Did 5/22/2004
THE PUBLIC EDITOR; How Would Jackson Pollock Cover This Campaign? 10/10/2004
THE PUBLIC EDITOR; Q. How Was Your Vacation? A. Pretty Newsy, Thanks 9/12/2004
THE PUBLIC EDITOR; Paper of Record? No Way, No Reason, No Thanks 4/25/2004
THE PUBLIC EDITOR; Dr. Dean Assumes His Place on the Examining Table 01/18/2004

History on Every Mile, and Sometimes a Stone 10/24/2003

METRO: Cover
You’re Too Kind, Firefighters Say, Truly Meaning It 7/21/2002

METRO: Obituaries
George Biderman, Organizer Against Highway on Fire Island, 81, Is Dead 07/26/2002

METRO: Neediest Cases
Family Picks Up Pieces After Violent Loss of Its Matriarch 1/19/2004
Door to a Permanent Home Is Blocked by a Pile of Debt1/18/2004
Amid Struggles, a Mother Makes Room in Her Home 1/11/2004
Facing Poverty and Abuse in an Unfamiliar Country 1/07/2004
Despite Loss and Illness, a Family Stays Close 1/03/2004
As Chinese Immigrants Struggle in a Strange Land, Just Asking for Help Is a Challenge 12/28/2003
A Woman and Four Children, Making Do in a Shelter 12/24/2003
A Family With Many Goals Must First Find a Home 12/18/2003
Trying to Endure Misfortunes of Home, Health and Family 12/15/2003
Done in by a House Expansion Project Halted Midway 12/13/2003
Fire Leaves Life in Ruins for a Father and Two Boys 12/10/2003
Blind Liberian Immigrant Is Undaunted by Challenges 12/05/2003
Shot, Paralyzed and Raising Two Boys From a Wheelchair 12/02/2003
Some Help Picking Up Pieces of a Life That Just Crumbled 11/24/2003
Mother Watches Proudly as Young Girl Surmounts Disability 11/22/2003
Duty Calls After Sept. 11, Straining Family Finances 11/20/2003
For a Man in Pain, Progress Is a Wearable Pair of Shoes 11/13/2003
An Artisan With a Disability Sees a Dream Coming True 11/10/2003
For Homeless, the Gift of Hope 11/02/2003
As Buses Roll, an Adventure Begins for 150 Children 6/29/2003
Amid Play, a Few Lessons on Work 6/22/2003
Still Sharing Lives a Lifetime After Fresh Air Days 6/15/2003,
Up for Summer Fun, at Home Away From Home 5/11/2003
For City Children, a Summertime Gift 5/04/2003
Family Gets Help in Regaining Financial Footing 1/31/2003
An Escape, an Injury, and Now, a Bit of Help 1/27/2003
Family Seeks Asylum, to Practice a Faith Freely 1/26/2003
A Cancer Diagnosis, and Her Life Fell Apart 1/25/2003
Persistent Aunt Travels Extra Mile to Secure Nephew 1/22/2003
Help With Rent for Mother With Multiple Sclerosis 1/21/2003
‘Kid With the Nine Lives’ Inspires a Whole Family 1/20/2003
Single Mother Sets Goals and Tries to Meet Them 1/17/2003
Thriving in School, Against All Odds 1/16/2003
Finding a Smile Amid the Adversity 1/12/2003
Illness and Hard Floors Challenge Family’s Grit 1/11/2003
For Both Health and Family, a Mother Taps Into Her Survival Skills 1/10/2003
A Reunited Family, Home and Dignity Restored 1/09/2003
After Loss of Two Jobs, a Safety Net 1/08/2003
Forced to Overcome Adversity, Time and Again 1/06/2003
Childhood Lessons Are Inspiration for Adult Life 1/05/2003
Smaller World for an Ailing Seafarer 1/04/2003
Finally Escaping a Troubled Relationship 1/02/2003
Misfortune Stalks a Mother and Child 12/30/2002
Millions Given, and Thousands of Lives Are Touched 12/29/2002
Dreams Deferred, Dreams Recast to Include 2 Children 12/27/2002
Falling Through Almost All the Cracks 12/26/2002
Making Good on a Promise to a Friend and Her Girls 12/25/2002
A Life of Drugs and Jail, Finally on the Right Path 12/23/2002
Layoff Upsets Quest for the Good Life 12/21/2002
Moving Back Into the Light After the Darkness of 9/11 12/20/2002
A Family of 5 Struggles to Deal With Traumas of Sept. 11, With Help 12/16/2002
Passion Endured in a Life That Was Cut Short 12/14/2002
A Family Tries to Deal With Some Weighty Burdens, Literal and Figurative 12/11/2002
A Life Preserver, After Swimming Upstream 12/08/2002
Ex-Prisoner Shapes Up for Son’s Sake 12/04/2002
In Tight Quarters, a Family Keeps Its Closeness 12/02/2002
Therapy Helps Woman Find Way Out of Darkness 11/30/2002
For a Shooting Victim, Life’s Struggles Intensify After the Death of His Wife 11/29/2002
Learning How to Be Mother and Son 11/28/2002
Immigrant Puts Heart in Love and Work 11/26/2002
Cure for Boy’s Skin Disorder Is Financial Stability 11/24/2002
Healing a Couple’s Hearts, Physical and Spiritual 11/23/2002
Faith and Charity Help Family Weather Storm 11/22/2002
Retarded Immigrant Strives for Independent Life 11/20/2002
Refugee Found Help to Bolster Wife’s Dignity 11/17/2002
In Need of Help Herself, but Still Helping Others 11/14/2002
Leaving Ghosts Behind in a Quest for a Better Life 11/08/2002
After Rough Start, Quadruplets Can Still Use Help 11/05/2002

METRO: Fresh Air Fund
In 9/11 Art, Children Look Back and Ahead 8/18/2002
Enjoying The Stars, on Screen and Off 6/09/2002
Lessons on Country Life, With Tea and Rappers 5/26/2002
At Camp, Survival Skills Include a Solid Résumé 5/26/02